• 1860January 1st


    Australian explorers Robert Burke & William Wills set out on their expedition from Melbourne to the Gulf of Carpentaria. The expedition, which included 19 men, 23 horses and 26 camels, travelled past Rowanston in August 1860.

  • 1860January 1st


    The Andrew's family first settled and named the property Rowanston after the region they immigrated from in Scotland. Much of the Andrew’s Family legacy can still be seen today in the 160 year old bluestone walls that surround the vineyard.

  • 1995January 1st


    The first vines were planted in 1995. The ancient volcanic soils hold moisture and develop white peppery characteristics in the red wines, whilst the cool nights and slow ripening period produce rich full fruit flavours.

  • 2003January 1st


    Rowanston on the Track was founded in 2003 by the Frederiksen husband and wife team. Their years of experience in winemaking and viticulture established Rowanston wines as a respected part of the Macedon Ranges wine region.

  • 2013January 1st


    Rowanston's 2010 Shiraz was chosen out of a world wide selection of wine for the Hong Kong Jockey Club as their 25th anniversary wine in 2013. Today, Rowanston continues to win many local & international awards.

  • 2019January 1st


    The baton to carry on the estate as a family-owed vineyard was passed down to the Lew family in 2019. Working closely with a passionate team of people, they continue to grow the vineyard and winery.